Have you always wanted to learn to paint but don’t know where to start or have you never really learned the basic techniques?    Do you want to get back into painting, but need that confidence to get going again?   Would you like some painting lessons, learn painting skills, so that you can really enjoy being creative?

   I’m now available to start private painting lessons.   We can start with the basics of painting and painting techniques and then go through the process step by step.   This will help you gain confidence and increase your enjoyment of your art.  It’s never too early to start and you’re never too old.   Painting is a wonderful pass time.

   In some cases teaching can be at the student’s home, travel allowance will have to be added onto the lesson fee.

Cost per lesson is:    1 person $45

                                    2 persons $30

                                    3 persons $25

                                    4 persons $20