Ann Bush

Thanks again for doing such beautiful paintings, the girls just love them and they are so surprised you were able to capture the horses’ personalities so well, and get Jordan’s “jumping face” just right”.

As you can see, even Scruffy likes his picture.

Best wishes,

Ann Bush

aimee and scruffyJordan and AimeeJordan and Fitzy








Sharon Slater

I was delighted to receive the beautiful painting you completed of my horse CP Ulixes. Your work really captured the expression and character of the horse beautifully.

Thank you so much, I love it.”
Sharon Slater.

Kaitlyn Ranking

I really appreciate all the time and effort you gave while organising the painting to get it just right.  Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful painting. It is somethig we will treasure for many years.


Laurel Quinlan

To lose a much loved member of the family breaks your heart and a photo is just a photo. My cattle dog Lucy preserved in oils is so life like and all who see her say the same: “That painting has captured her personality”. I find myself looking at the painting with a smile on my face, she will always be with me and in my heart.

Lee Ann Rudkin

I was blown away by the portrait of our beloved staffy Kato may he rest in peace. How life like he looks and how she has captured his eyes. It is the most realistic painting I have ever seen. I was so impressed by Gabrielle’s work I will never buy from another artist.

Kelly Mills

Steven just adores your painting of his dogs – honestly – I have NEVER seem him with such a huge smile when I gave is to him – he loves it!

Helen Kuiper

…The main thing is that the painting is exactly like them, just sooooo wonderful. And it is clearly our property too. We have just picked it up today and have had a really good look at it and have shown our family who all help with the stud and showing shires. Although we love showing, it’s having the horses around that we really like and now we can sit and enjoy your painting of them in the lounge room.

They all love it!!
Helen Kuiper
Ingleside Shire Horse Stud

Tobias Warne

I really like the portrait of my dog Zeb. He definitely looks as scruffy and as cheeky as he is… Crazy dog. It really does look like he’s looking at the piece of pizza that is held in front of him, maybe planning on stealing it when you’re not looking!

Cheers and great Pic,

Pieter Philipse

When I told Gabrielle that I’d love to own a painting of my favorite bird-species the puffins, I never would have dreamt it would be as vivid as this. Each puffin has a different character in the picture, and it truely looks like they are having an animated conversation amongst each other. Not trading this one for the world!

Thank you so much once again, I can never stop looking at it!


I couldn’t wait any longer and gave Kev your sketch of his girl Chantelle and he was so very pleased(and surprised). He loves it! It is hanging in pole position in our new room. It is a lovely rememberance for us.



Owen Webb

Gabrielle, what a fabulous drawing. My wife gave me the picture as a gift for Christmas; a great surprise.  Visitors to our home also complimented the likeness and your high standard.  The picture is the image of our dog  Plum,   I can almost feel her watching me as I work in the office.


The following commission was such a nice one to do. Ebony, Zeb’s sister organised it for her brother. She expressed so much love and pride for this obviously great guy, who is also a recognised boxer.  It was quite a challenge for her to gather the selection of photographs of the four dogs, two of which had passed away, and keep it all a big secret from Zeb as it was his Christmas present,but she managed it.   We chose the most suitable ones for the drawing out of about 24 photos.  The whole family got together to chip in to get this drawing done.


Ebony King

He loved it so much he had tears in his eyes. He said it was the best present he has ever gotten. Thank you. You did an amazing job on it.


Misty King

It is a beautiful drawing, so true to life. He was thrilled and it now hangs pride of place on the wall in his room. Great job.