Equine Art


Near Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains there are still some brumbies.  There is a 6000 acre property where we went for a few days to photograph and sketch these sturdy wild horses who were around 15h, not so very big.  Well, they’re quite shy, so forget the sketching, but we took loads of photographs.  This mare and her colt were moving through the trees.  The mare was calm and undisturbed by us, although she kept a safe distance. The colt however thought we were  interesting but a little frightening and was galloping round and around his mother, eventually stopping safely by her side to investigate us like his mother was doing.  We brought the zoom lens and took some nice photographs with the pair in the bush. Later on they joined the rest of the small herd.  It was a rather cold day, the weather was turning and the light was very silvery and that evening it snowed.

This painting is done in oil on canvas and is still for sale at Au$850